Niran Rattanakosin
Niran Rattanakosin (2011)


Niran Rattanakosin


December 5th, 1988 (23); Pattaya, Thailand


Pornographic Actor (Auswahl)

Years active

1995 - Present

Niran Rattanakosin (born December 5th, 1988) is a pornographic actor .

Early lifeEdit

Niran, born in Pattaya, Thailand, grew up with mother in an apartment near Walking Street. The mother, a former prostitute , owns a kathoey gogo bar, the father unknown (rumored to be an European due to Niran being a Luk Khrueng).
At an early age, he was sold off to a pornographic photograph (now arrested, pictures and films confiscated). He continued his "career" as a prostitute and model, lying about his age when applying for larger jobs, before working freelance at his mothers bar.

After having appeared in several Thai Soap Operas, at age 20 he moved to California, USA to continue with his career as a pornographc actor.
Thailand by d deciso-d32exwl2

Niran, age 19


Counting his child pornography work, Niran began working at age 7 as a child model. His first real debut into the actor life began with the Lakorn "The Korean Beauty", starring Adirake Chailonkorn, a Thai student studying in South Korea.
He have been modeling for Koosang Koosom, a Thai Magazine. Due to several sex scandals, he have been forced to end several contracts.
After moving to the US, he have applied for several different movies, such as "Sweet Dream Fantasy". He have also worked with Robert Winslow, making the hardcore porn movie "Private Tutor" and the romance/softcore movie "Your Nightly Visitor".

Private LifeEdit

Niran lives by himself in a residential house, with no known lovers or children. He has an interest for Thai dancing, crossdressing and collecting rare breeds of cats. Currently, he owns a Khao Manee , a Thai, and a Siamese. Along with his collection of cats, he own several exotic orchids.


  • It is confirmed that he have had several surgeries to get his feminine form.
  • He have stated that he will take over his mothers job as a "House Mother" when she passes away.
  • He spends several thousand dollars on spa treatments, "to always look young and beautiful".
  • He will not get an eyesurgery. "Some persons like people wearing glasses. While I can always wear glasses with no lenses, it'd only make me look stupid."
  • He frequently visits the bars in town and have been seen with several men and women.

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