Country: Switzerland

  • Mel-Girl; GMT+12
  • Human name: Vash Zwingli
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: August 1st
  • Personality: Vash is an example of a 'discovered' talent. He wasn't born in a privileged family who took money for granted and so even with his newfound celebrity status as a musician, Vash is still insistent on saving as much money as possible. Because his background was a lot rougher on him, Vash finds it difficult to trust and get along with those around him but when he does care for someone; he's fiercely loyal towards them. He's a hard worker and can snap off at others easily but he does mean well deep down even if he has difficulty showing it. Vash takes his work very seriously and often finds himself bossing others around him. He's talented at what he does and is good at coming up with melodies for songs but he lacks the creativity that would allow him to come up with song lyrics despite the fact he's experienced a lot despite being quite young in this industry. Vash has a tendency to claim that he doesn't give a damn for the tabloids or what others think of him but deep down he does. The limelight can often make him uncomfortable but he's slowly learning to adjust. He also hates having to dress more expensively too.
  • Job: Musician – the guitarist of Corporal Cat
  • Talents: Guitar, saving money, making chocolate, saving money, shooting, saving money, lecturing bandmates and claiming to not giving a damn for tabloids 8U