Country: Seborga
Mel-Girl; GMT+12
  • Human name: Serafino Vargas
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: April 25
  • Personality: Serafino is very relaxed and easygoing when going about his life. He gets along with women better, considering himself quite a smooth talker with them. He can be quite shallow with the girls he goes for and have a problem with sticking to one girl at a time. Serafino is quite well-mannered and charming to others but he can often end up being pushed around because of this, though half the time he isn’t very aware of this. While he has many dreams, like starring on Broadway, he doesn’t quite have the ambition to put in the hard work with his tendency to lounge around – usually at pools or beaches. He likes musicals quite a lot and prefers acting if there’s musical elements involved. Serafino overall is cheerful, laidback, though when he’s up and about, he can get in the way without even realising. He’s quite spacey and doesn’t always think things through. Serafino enjoys fame and takes everything as it comes, happily signing autographs for fans and so on. He looks up to both of his brothers but his laidback attitude often means he lets them do more work than he does, such as cooking for him. In a sense, he isn’t the best at taking care of himself.
  • Job: Model – though he wouldn’t mind being an actor for stage/movie musicals.
  • Talents: Modelling – he’s more for photo shoots for commercial or high fashion rather than runway shows though, but he’s fine with those too. He’s also good at swimming. His singing and acting is good enough for him to try out for musical productions but he isn’t exceptional. He’s also quite good at covering up his accent when performing too. His modelling job also means he’s gotten good at styling himself and others and also speed-changing in and out of clothes.