Country: The Republic of the Philippines

  • Chaltiere, GMT -4
  • Human name: Maria Clara/ Maria Clara Villaneuva (real name)
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: June 12th
  • Personality: Maria is a rather calm character, always patient and understanding of others; but underneath she's actually quite moody - she just wants to be polite for the sake of others, even though she should have the right to snap at others and be moody because of her nearly full schedule. She's always smiling since she finds it's the best way to help cope with all her stresses and fears; if you smile all the time people will just either get a good impression of you or get bored enough to leave you alone for such a mundane personality. She smiles so much it becomes such a habit that she too doesn't realize that she looks happy when she may be not. This young woman is a hard worker, despite wanting to go back and take a rest; she might seem at times to put off work due to her humanity; and may start to procrastinate but she means well and will get right to it once she regains her energy. Her feelings are usually hidden, but once someone gets to know Maria she is rather a loud and proud woman, even if her country is not too much to be proud of. She's a family person and loves to deal with people; she is quick to react; however, and sometimes may seem to offend others; and she will quickly apologize relentlessly.
  • Appearance: She usually has her hair tied into a bun at the side with a band to keep her bangs away from her forehead *but it fails however so it might just be for decoration* She usually just dresses to impress, but usually doesn't care after coming from a humble background.
  • Job: Agent, Part-time Maid
  • Talents: She is a good singer, having karaoke'd quite often with friends and family and loves to dance, but she's horrible at it. All the cooking she makes is rather fattening however; but they're quite delicious. Despite her fragile appearance she is a good 'boxer' after learning some self-defense; so she can also be quite dangerous.

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