Country: Norway
Human name: Emil Lauritzen
Age: 18
Birthday: May 17th
Personality: Emil is a quiet young man who would like to spend his time at home doing nothing more than to work; however he is very serious with his career despite his lack of interest in it. He is very moody in the inside, but his inability to express himself usually makes himself upset, and unwilling to show emotions usually leads him to not take complete control over certain things; even if he does seem dominating with his appearance. He is fond with childish thoughts such as fairy tales, both morbid and happy,(and is nearly almost obsessed with such things); however, which are recurrent themes to his productions. He is very protective with his family as well, anything that harms the other will face the wrath of an angry boy.

Job: Lyricist
Talents: Emil is quite a good cook and has mastered in traditional cooking methods from his homeland, he has a green thumb and a knack for making lyrics on the top of his head "WHEN" he feels like it.

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