APH New Zealand by applerocket

Country: New Zealand
Human name: Sam Hart
Age: 18
Birthday: February 6th
Personality: Strange, and a bit of an enigma; so much so that even his/her gender is not entirely clear. S/he never specifies his/her gender, either, and as an actor plays both male and female roles. Whenever asked directly whether s/he is male or female, s/he will always completely change the subject. Even his/her sexual orientation is a complete question mark. That aside, s/he comes across as being quite calm, friendly and level-headed, if a little odd... In other words, when the gender confusion is overlooked, s/he seems pretty average, as far as those living in Hollywood go, but s/he's been known in rare cases to snap uncontrollably when something really gets to him/her.

Job: Actor/Actress
Talents: Asides from acting, can sing and dance fairly well, seeing as how s/he used to be in musical theatre before becoming a TV actor. Is also very good at sports, especially those involving contact.