Country: Latvia
  • Human name: Raivis Galante
  • Age: 15
  • Birthday: November 18
  • Personality: A little...twitchier than normal people, Raivis quite actually suffers from mild to severe anxiety disorders. He's dreadfully timid and hates to approach or be approached by people unless the situation demands for it to happen. He's not incapable of socializing or making friends, but prefers more the cling to the few friends he has and try to shell himself from the world around him. The Latvian hides behind a curtain inside of his mind, blocking away what he doesn't wish to know with a made-up fantasy all of his own. He's dreamy and romantic, in his own way, but keeps it to himself in fear of being rejected by others. Raivis is eager to please, if that's at all possible of doing without coming into contact with others. He fears rejection, which is partly why he shields himself from others, but is too scared of socialization to let others in. It's amazing he's found the friends he has...but not really, if you take into account the type of people they are. The young man is incredibly insecure, always apologizing for his actions and constantly trying to eat his words; nothing he does pleases him, and it's an incredibly rare occurrence when he's genuinely happy with where he is. How someone can be so lonely in his line of work is beyond him, but then again... lots of things are.
  • Job: Voice Actor, though he occasionally acts in person.
  • Talents: Raivis is quite talented at stuttering like a loser, being frightfully timid and crying easily, and zoning out as quickly as Alfred eats a burger. He's also fairly skilled at messing things up, getting confused, and being bossed around by the children he hangs around. He's not particularly skilled at acting or singing, or anything else for that matter, but he's good at trying and failing and getting depressed over it.

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