Kiku Honda
Kiku Honda Album


June 2008




Alternative rock

Album Artist

Honda Kiku

Kiku Honda (album) is artist Honda Kiku's second album, self-titled. It was released June 21, 2008, and was written by Honda himself in majority, though in an interview after joining Meraviglie Productions in 2009, while being questioned about the popularity of his second album in comparison to his first, he stated:

"I had a lot of ... help, on the album, kind of. I mean, the ideas were there, but I had so many things inspiring me. Oh, and the English – I had to have help on the English. The rhyming and flow, you know? I got it by the end of the writing process and I was churning out all these songs fully in English by myself and I was really proud to be able to do that. It was all thanks to those people who helped me, even if they were assigned by my old label."

The album featured one single, titled "How I Go". He climbed the chart and profits went up. People ate up his English music, adoring the lyrics and rhythms. Two songs, "How I Go" and "Symphonies" were especially popular, and his popularity jumped up. His style had changed exponentially from his first album – he'd nixed the "overlay" and placed the vocals as focus with backgrounds that complimented it. He was described as being within the genre "alternative rock". Soon after the release in mid-2008, he decided to look for work elsewhere, stressed by his label to do too many shows and albums, and in early 2009 joined Meraviglie Productions.


In another interview, Honda stated that if his album had not been self-titled, he would have called it something relating to fairies, as evidenced by the strange cover art. His label, however, had told him that it didn't fit the album's style.

A peculiar thing about the album is that it featured covers – a cover of "Classifieds" by the Academy Is..., and "Sunday Morning" by Maroon Five.


Intro 1:34
How I Go 4:33
The City is at War 2:56
Twentythree 3:28
Sympathy 3:09
Sunday Morning 4:06
Fed Up 4:04
Take Me Home 4:10
Classifieds 2:49
Symphonies 3:33
We Do 2:48