Country: Hungary
ohmystarrylies; GMT-6
  • Human name: Elizabeta Héderváry
  • Age: 24
  • Birthday: June 8
  • Personality: Elizabeta is a very opinionated woman. She is tomboyish and never quiet when she dislikes something. She does sometime cave to being submissive, being raised in a household with traditional values -- how the wife serves the husband. Because of this household which scared her very much she would often leave for days at a time, just wandering or staying at friends' houses. She loves animals and has always tried to keep pets around her, mostly just dogs. When she was younger she often crossdressed and all her friends, the ones she had, were boys, she herself convinced she was a boy til she developed. She named her dogs after anyone she vaguely disliked, and has tendencies to hold grudges for prolonged periods of time. She is also very controlling and organized. She eventually developed into a more mature woman after some hardships in her life, including severe poverty in which she had to help her parents by getting a job as a housekeeper alongside her mother. Her mother helped smooth out Elizabeta's rough edges for a while and taught her how to cook and clean, and the shame and sorrow of being impoverished quieted her. She decided to pass on her knowledge that she acquired about the world and its hardship to anyone in need, and that she would give as much as she could to anyone in poverty. She decided to move to the United States during this time of quiet in her life, and began to save up whatever money she possibly could --whatever did not go to her family-- and taught herself to play piano and guitar so she would have some way to impress and earn more money. Upon moving to the states she was successfully Americanized, and once again became a reminder of the opinionated child she was, but still more mature and motherly over people she's fond of. When she was scraping enough money by to have her own apartment, she was granted an intern job at Meraviglie and quickly rose, her opinionated-ness [frankly i don't care if that is a word], outgoingness and creativity quickly making everyone realize she was destined to be a director. However, with all the money she suddenly acquired, she still put aside most of it for charities.
  • Job: Director
  • Company: Meraviglie Productions
  • Talents: She's highly creative and adept in the arts. Painting, sewing and music come easily to her, as well as new ideas for movies, how to make everything really shine. She also has a very lovely singing voice. Also, photoshopping and photography.