Country: Comunitat Autònoma de Catalunya (Autonomous Community of Catalonia in Spain... but is not Spanish)
Human name: Anaïs Isabel Cardona
Age: 27
Birthday: September 11th, La Diada
Personality: Catalonia is, upon first appearances, a cold-hearted bitch. She is one, and she freely admits to it. She's driven and ambitious and cut-throat, willing to do anything to get what she wants. She's very guarded, doesn't trust anyone really. She's over-the-top, dramatic, and always trying to gain more attention. She definitely dislikes men, and enjoys flirting and breaking hearts. People amuse her and she enjoys watching them go about their lives. She is beautiful with the vanity and arrogance to go with it.

She has a soft spot for children and her homeland of Catalonia and deep down, she's fragile and lonely, but she lacks that ability to trust and so hardens herself to keep everyone away. Rarely, she'll smile, laugh, be happy and even kind, but that's not happening anytime soon. Detail-oriented and a perfectionist, everything has to be just so. She does experience bouts of madness, but those are mostly in the form of tormenting or mentally abusing someone rather than physically attacking someone. Overall, she's difficult to work with. Appearance: Color: [link] More accurate, updated appearance: [link]

Job: Actress
Talents: Dancing, physical appearance

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