Romulus Agostino Vargas ("Rom" Vargas) is the CEO and founder of Meraviglie Productions in Hollywood, California. Formerly lead guitarist of the band Fox Rockers, he rose to stardom in the 80s and founded Meraviglie Records, which grew and became Meraviglie Productions. He has a son, Cesarino Vargas (married to Gabriela Vargas), and four grandchildren; Divinita, Niccolo, Feliciano and Lovino.

Pre-Existing WorkEdit

Before founding Meraviglie Productions (which was initially called Meraviglie Records), Romulus had been a musician. When he lived in Italy, his band was called Al Roma, before they relocated to the United States and changed their name to the Fox Rockers (who were known for wearing fox ears along with their crazy 80s glam-metal hair and outfits). The band became extremely popular amidst the 80s metal scene and fans attended the multitude of concerts and appearances they had and their albums sold well. Notably, the band applied for Auswahl representation and was declined. As the 80s metal scene began to decline, the Fox Rockers were lost along with many other formerly popular bands. Separately, each member retained a public status as "celebrity" and one song from the band was featured on Monster Ballads. Romulus also had a brief stint in asking, having been requested to appear in commercials and one TV series. While he did appear in the commercials, his role in the series was cancelled for unspecified reasons.


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